Lathe Machine Spare Parts

We are Authorised Dealer, Supplier, Service Provider of Lathe Spares, Lathe Machine Spare Parts, and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Setting Data Set

Setting Data Bolt (nos.)

Main Bush Set G.M. Std.

Gear Cover Set Alu.

Headstock Complete

Spindle Thrust Washer Set

Spindle Lock Nut (nos.)

Pulley Bush Set GM

Ded Centre (nos.)

Ded Centre (nos.) + tips

Dead Centre Adaptor

Spindle Pulley (V-Belt)

Spindle Pulley (Flat-Belt)

Spindle Main

Spindle Key Small

Spindle Key Big

Oil Cup (nos.)

Oil Cup Bush

Back Gear P-Boss

Back Gear P-Shaft

Back Gear P-Collar

Back Gear Eccentric Piece

Back Gear Pin Set

Back Gear Pin Set (Fitting)

Back Gear Spring

Bearing Cover Set Alu.

Long Gear Bush GM (nos.)

Back Gear Main

Long Gear (18-16-15-16)

Boss Gear (60-53-52-50)

Pulley Ring Gear

Erazer Gear (nos.) (16)

Spindle End Gear

Ideal Shaft

Ideal Shaft Bush

Back Gear Shaft Main

Back Gear Shaft Main Helical

Compund Parts

Screw Bracket

Dial Boss

Screw Handle

Compund Wheel

Wheel's Stud Set

Wheel's Dial MS

Wheel's Dial GM

Screw + Nut CI

Screw + Nut GM

Screw Nut CI Only

Screw Nut GM Only

Compound Slide

Compound Wedg

T-Bolt (nos.)

Tool Post Main

Tool Post Stud

Tool Post Nut

Tool Post Handle

Tool Post Key

Tool Post Key Bend 3/8"-1/2"-5/8"

Tool Post Bolt (nos.)

Tool Post Bolt (nos.) hrdn

Tool Post Washar

Carriage-Cross Slide Parts

Oil Bush Set

Carriage Lock Bolt

Carriage Guide

Carriage Wedge

Lock Piece

Lock Piece Long (nos.)

Wiper Set - Pvc

Wiper Set - Alu

Wiper's Packing

Cross Slide Screw + Nut CI

Cross Slide Screw + Nut GM

SCross Slide Nut CI Only

Cross Slide Nut GM Only

Screw's Gear (12-13-13)

Screw Braket

Cross Slide Wheel

Cross Slide Wheel's Dias MS

Cross Slide Wheel's Dias GM

Wheel's Bold

Wheel's Handle + Bolt Set

Cross Slide Wedg

Cross Slide Complete

Slide Side's Bolt (nos.)

Apron Parts

Half Nut

Half Nut Wedge

Plunger Com.

Speed Change Lever

Connecting Arm

Connecting Arm Pin

Connectiong Gear

Cluch Boss

Cluch Boss Handle

Worm Gear Support Braket

Apron Complete

Self Boss

Self Shaft

Self Shaft Washer

Self Star

Apron Wheel

Apron Wheel's Dial MS

Apron Wheel's Dial GM

Apron Wheel Bolt

Handle + Bolt Set

Apron Wheel Boss

Indicator Braket

Indicator Dial

Indicator Gear (16-24-24)

Rack Gear (14-18-12)

Rack Gear Bush Small (nos.)

Rack Gear Bush Long

Worm Pinion Gear

Worm Pinion Gear's Pin (nos.)

Hand Wheel Pinion

Oil Leval

Boss Type Gear

Main Gear (40-65-85)

Worm Gear Set

Worm Gear's Taper Buch

Worm M.S.

Worm Key

Worm Washer

Worm Bush Set GM

Rack (32"-28"-23")

Tailstock Parts

Screw Braket

Screw + Nut CI

Screw + Nut GM

Nut Only CI

Nut Only GM

Main Spindle Std.

Spindle Lock Bush CI

Spindle Lock Handle

Spindle Key

Locking Bolt

Locking Bolt's Nut

Tail Stock Wheel

Tail Stock Wheel's Dial MS

Tail Stock Wheel's Dial GM

Setting Bolt Set

Grip Plate

Pilot Boss

Pilot Handle (nos.)

Eccentric Shaft

Eccentric Shaft Handle

Tail Stock Complete Std.

Leading Screw & Twin Parts

Leading Screw

Screw's Key

Screw Lock Nut (nos.)

Screw Collar

Braket Big

Braket Small

Arm Braket

Arm Stud

Arm Stud Bush CI

Arm Stud Bush's Key

Key Way Washer (nos.)

Twin Gear Main Pin

Twin Gear Small Pin (nos.)

Twin Braket

Twin Braket + Bore

Twin Braket Complete

Twin Spring

Twin Braket Lock Pin

Twin Handle Alu.

Twin Handle GM

Chang Gear Set (16 nos.)

Gear Loose / Teeth 25 to 57

Gear Loose / Teeth 60 to 127

Twin Boss Gear

Twine Bush Fit Gear

Machine Lamp

Norton Gear Box (Knob Type)

Norton Gear Box (Planger Type)

Pedicel Grinder

Bevel Gear Set

Tailstock Comp. (Rack Type)

Key Way Vice

Counter Parts

Aarapulley Str. / Tpr.

Aarapulley Washer

Adjustable Set

Adjustable Bold - Pin (nos.)

Counter Frem - Bend Type

Counter Frem's Stand

Counter Complete

Counter Handle

Counter Bracket Saft Set

Counter Motor Stand Set

Counter Eccentric Bracket

Counter Eccentric Set

Counter Pulley (V-belt)

Counter Pulley (Flat-belt)

Counter Handle's Bracket

Counter Shaft. Main Str. / Tpr.

Counter Shaft Key Big

Counter Shaft Key Small

Counter Pedecel Set

Pedecel Cover Set Pvc

Pedecel Cover Set CI